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eye eyesdn.gif (20214 Byte) SDN
 For a rough automatic 
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the eye of your ISDN line for
the Basic Rate Interface (BRI)*)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ list)

I don't like the casing. Is there another one?

Are there different colours as well? Red would be quite beautiful.

Does an extension cord come with eyeSDN?

May I replace the provided 1 m long inlet by a line that is 2...3 m long?

Besides my PC link, I have still another vacant ISDN access. Please let me know, whether it is sufficient simply to attach the part.

Does eyeSDN work only with the external S/T bus or at the internal S/T bus as well?

My NT1 is not plugged to the mains line. Can my CPI supply eyeSDN as well?

It does not work (correctly) with me (NT1 being without own power supply, which is provided by the attached CPI):
- having plugged it directly to the NT1, nothing happens
- having provided power supply to the NT1 = function

Is eyeSDN compliant to T-DSL?

The indicator does not light up at all, although the power supply plug of the NT1 is plugged to the mains outlet, the telephone works and eyeSDN is correctly plugged to the S/T bus.

When I replace the receiver, eyeSDN nevertheless continues to light up. Is something wrong?

What do I have to do, that the lamp is not always lighting up?

It does not work (correctly) with me (with an attached PBX TELCO CourierCompact):
- having plugged it directly to the NT1 = continuous light
- having connected it to the S/T bus of the PBX = continuous light.

I've got a 'Eumex'. Does this device comply with eyeSDN?

Can I install eyeSDN the way that it monitors only one MSN?
Does eyeSDN allow to lock all but a certain telephone number, i.e. the one of my provider?
Does eyeSDN allow to lock particular service numbers or any telephone numbers else?
Can I read out from eyeSDN, how many channels are active:
- D channel only,
- D and one B channel,
- D and both?

Can I - with eyeSDN - build a device, which switches other devices - depending on silence versus traffic on the S/T bus?

Is your question missing? Post it here!

Is your question missing? Post it here!

**) For the professional reinforcement, figure 2 in the data sheet SIEMENS PEB2080 is suitable with regard to "Mode 'NT'":

data PEB2080 figure 2 mode NT

Some English technical terms in German (by
http://www.t-versand.de/isroot/tversand/static/lexikon/lexikon.html et al.):
S/T interface has been acquired
Aktivität auf dem S0-Bus
Basic Rate Interface (BRI)*)
Mehrgeräteanschluss (=Basisanschluss)
Network Termination 1 unit (NT1)
Network Termination for ISDN Basic Access (NTBA), Netzabschluss für den Basisanschluss
U bus
S/T bus
S/T-Interface jack
duplex jack, dual outlet adapter
Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Terminal Adaptor (TA), Customer Premises Installation (CPI)
Terminal Equipment 1 (TE1)
Multiple Subscriber Number (MSN)
Mehrfachrufnummer am Mehrgeräteanschluss*) (MSN)
Normal Mode
Restricted Mode
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