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P R E S S   R E L E A S E Telephone - ISDN - security

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Tracking down suspicious activities on the ISDN line
of the Basic Rate Interface is the aim of eyeSDN as soon as the phone bill seems to become strangely high.

The user merely needs to plug this tiny accessory into the S/T bus of the ISDN and observe the indicator light. It lights up whenever data are being transferred on the S/T bus - interestingly even when nobody is communicating at all.

Sometimes, the Customer Premises Installation is configured poorly. This can become expensive, when it secretly establishes connections. Or a hacker creeps in through the service access. Or someone simply taps the S/T bus.

The configuration of an ISDN modem at the PC can drive the novice user crazy, if (s)he cannot detect without any doubt whether the modem goes online and offline again with connections that are liable to cause charges. Here, eyeSDN helps as OSI layer-1 inspector: It works on OSI layer 1 only, thus cannot be tricked by any protocol (protocols work starting at layer 2 only and above).

eyeSDN is immediately available.

Innovations of this kind - and other engineering services for the customer specific research and development - are the the subject of this enterprise. Brief descriptions of numerous implementation examples are available in http://www.moses-electronix.com.

Dipl.-Ing. Michael M. Iloff (MOSESelectronic®),

eyeSDN, eine unmittelbare Anzeige zum Aufspüren 
verdächtiger Aktivitäten der ISDN-Anlage, schont
die Telefonrechnung und hilft gegen Datenklau.

eyeSDN, an immediate indicator for tracking down 
suspect activities of the ISDN system, preserves 
the phone bill and helps against data theft.

        Dipl.-Ing. Michael M. Iloff

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