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"Prior Information to the Consumer"

in accordance with "Distance Selling directive of the EU 97/7/EG article 4 paragraph 1, 2"
vs. "Consumer Information Policy ... § 312c BGB"
- German Civil Code in German
  1. Summons-capable address of the entrepreneur see here
  2. Substantial characteristics of the commodity (see also here):
    Layer-1 monitor at the S/T bus of the ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI)
  3. Supply: from stock - since 2005-11-24 not to the EU anymore
  4. Subject to prior sale
  5. Price including German value added tax see here
  6. Additional expenses for packaging and dispatch see here
  7. Supply upon payment in advance or by COD
  8. Right of withdrawal under German '§ 312b et sqq. BGB' see here
  9. No special costs of distance communication
  10. Subject to change.


through eMail
Shut-down for relocation as of 2007-07-16
Restricted support provided preferably by eMail, less by phone, not at all by fax.
Announcement of Discontinuation

eyeSDN has no longer been manufactured and will be furnished only as long as it is available from stock. However, the website will remain online for infinite after-sales support.

Please, ask for quote in time.

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